A Son Is Born


All Bricks in the Middle comics are crafted by hand. When working on the comic
“The New LEGO Catalog!” we decided to take a moment to document a bit of the process we follow when creating comics. The first step in creating any comic is coming up with a concept and idea worth turning into a strip.

All of the comic strips we create relate in some way to the nuances of being a LEGO fan or someone that is involved in the LEGO hobby. Being LEGO fans ourselves, it’s pretty easy to come up with material that fits the bill. All that’s needed is a look within. Once the kernel of an idea is dug up, it’s often helpful to bounce the concept off someone else. After gathering some feedback, it’s time to move onto dialog. When figuring out what will be said in a Bricks in the Middle comic strip, we try to put effort into being as concise and non-verbose as possible.

Once the dialog is sorted, things really heat up. It all starts with some sketching to nail down what things are going to look like, roughly, in the comic at hand. Then it’s time for pencil work to refine and revise the design. Next up, ink work smooths things out and gets all the lines just right. After this, the drawing is scanned into the computer so things can be converted to digital for final coloring. Sure all of this might be a more than a bit of work, but it’s a no-nonsense process that works every time. We’d like to think that the results speak for themselves.

Certain parts of the process are vital to finalizing the comic’s design. For instance, sometimes the original sketch is so very vague (did you notice that Sparks son was just a floating face at the start of the sketching phase?) that the pencil sketch step is crucial for finalizing character design. The comic “The New LEGO Catalog!” counts as the first appearance of Sparks son, so getting a fully fleshed out character design for Sparks son was vital.

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