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AFOLs in the Middle of Bricks in the Middle

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Behind the Scenes

At BrickFair Virginia 2018 Bricks in the Middle’s Kevin Hinkle and BrickJournal’s Joe Meno were fortunate enough to catch up with one another. (See image below.) We couldn’t be more honored to see Bricks in the Middle make it into BrickJournal’s issue 52 thanks to this “cross over” with AFOLs. Special thanks go out to AFOLs and Greg Hyland and BrickJournal and Joe Meno!


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  1. Voxumo

    It returns! Man so happy to see the notification in my email. Bricks in the Middle is the only LEGO-themed webcomic/comic series I follow, so always looking forward to the next one, and was mighty worried given the long stretch without a comic, but then again it was back to back conventions for awhile there.


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