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Prior to the release of our latest volume of comics, our third to date, we thought it’d be fun to run a giveaway for the Bricks in the Middle community to celebrate the release. The release of our third volume of comics also marked the launch of a redesigned website, and a merchandise store. After a team retreat in a wilderness preserve to carefully mull over prize options and discuss strategy we were left with three strong prize alternatives.


Giveaway Prizes


1st place – 1 winner – “Enter the Bricks in the Middle universe” and get drawn as a Bricks in the Middle comic character to be included in a future Bricks in the Middle comic

2nd place – 1 winner- “Sparks plushie” aka a plushie Sparks figure measuring 36 inches tall

3rd place – 3 winners – “Sparks minifig and other goodies” including but not limited to a custom printed Sparks minifigure and Bricks in the Middle stickers, magnets, and more


Running for several weeks, we had several hundred people join in our giveaway. The support was humbling to see. Thank you to everyone that participated. Sadly throughout the giveaway we encountered numerous participants playing unfairly – things like the apparent purchase or use of bogus email addresses for referrals, claiming “bonus actions” with bogus social media handles, and more. Thankfully we were able to catch much of this activity.


Giveaway Winners


1st place – Steven Taylor aka Voxumo

2nd place – Robby Timmermans aka ParkiBricks

3rd place – Edd Pearson, Dave Pickett aka BRICK 101, and Russell Cassevah aka BrainyBricks

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone that joined in. We had fun, we hope you did too.

Our next giveaway is a firm “when” not an “if”. You’ll be hearing more from us soon. No doubt. Got ideas for future giveaway prizes? Another thought you’d like to share? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Didn’t even know the winners were announced publicly, feels like blog post that should have it’s own newsletter, or at least have been tweeted out.

    Regardless congrats to everyone who won and here’s to Volume 3 and hopefully many more volumes to come.

  2. Congrats to everyone! I agree with Voxumo, next time announce the winners in a live video or maybe even draw a comic and post it. I look forward to the next giveaway and keep up the great work


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