We’re back!


Dear Bricks in the Middle Community,

Good things come to those who wait, and you’ve waited long enough! We’re quite thrilled to announce that Bricks in the Middle is finally back and we’re ready to share new comics with LEGO lovers like you all across the pipes and tubes of the internets. But before you dive into our new comics, we’d like to share some insights into our short hiatus.

In early 2017, Bricks in the Middle launched with a purpose of bringing entertainment to an incredibly passionate and brick-loving community of fans. We weren’t the first pioneers to explore the artistic medium of comics for storytelling in this LEGO fan hobby of ours and we certainly hope we’re not the last either! Unfortunately, on the heels of releasing our fifth comic & hosting a number of successful promotional giveaways, we were called into the principal’s office and told to stop playing in the proverbial toy box. Major bummer.

Various concerns were voiced in August of 2017 by the manufacturers of our favorite toy, the LEGO Group, at potential conflicts of interest that might arise from Kevin Hinkle’s (an employee of the LEGO Group at the time) involvement in this project and our apparent misuse of their intellectual property in our comics. Per the requests of the LEGO Group – we were left with no option other than to pause the comic series, lock down the website, and remove or deleting our previously created content. To say the very least, this was all an incredibly disheartening experience.

After a bit of denial, some anger, not one bit of bargaining, and a touch of depression – we had finally accepted the fate of Bricks in the Middle. In December of 2017, everything changed. After 12 years of service, Kevin’s employment with the LEGO Group was concluded. With a renewed vigor, energy, and focus (and a slight redesign of our characters, our now very compliant characters) – Bricks in the Middle was thawed from its dark carbonite slumber.

So here we are! We’re back. We can’t thank you all enough for your interest, support, and patience during our initial run, our hiatus, and now our relaunch. We couldn’t be more excited to start sharing new comics with you again.

Keep on building,

Kevin Hinkle and Matthew Kay